Manage your mood before you day trade your money


Manage your mood
Manage your mood

Are you are ill, cranky, depressed, or sad ? Those are days when you may want to take a break from trading.

Otherwise, you could make costly mistakes. You must learn to manage these limiting/distracting moods before you manage your trades/money. It is the same as for any sport. Winning in the business of day trading  is like winning in  sport or any other business – you need to relate well. Relate with yourself, relate well with your coach, if you have a trading coach, and relating with what you see on your monitors, peacefully and powerfully – with 80% of what I call the noise designed out or missing.

To make good business decisions you want to be calm and energized. Same for day trading. To perform at your best and hence to win in day trading is eventually going to be all about trading on your developed intuition – not much time for emotions, not much time for all the feelings or resentments that drain both your energy and your calm mood.

What makes day trading so unique and exciting is that you trade the action, in the now. Like tennis, like racing a car at Indy, or any CEO in business – you gain the competence to consistently win, to have the intuitive ability to act immediately so  your trades are profitable – to win, over and over, and over again.